Antigenic Alteration Scores for current SARS-Cov-2 lineages per country/region

Global map that depicts the assigned antigenic score per country/region each month. The score is representative of the circulating lineages for each month, their potential antigenicity and frequency in that country/region. A dark blue represents a country antigenic score of 0 while red depicts a country antigenic score of 10. Countries/regions with higher antigenic scores have higher frequency circulating lineages that scored higher for potential antigenicity based on the methodology outlined here (Method).

Antigenic score across countries/regions worldwide

Heatmap with the frequencies of the selected potential variants of interest (pVOIs) for the previous month that have an assigned antigenic score above the predetermined threshold (3.85). The lineages are ordered from highest, top of the heatmap, to lowest frequency, bottom of the heatmap. The dark red color indicates a frequency of 1 while the lighter color red represents a lower frequency closer to 0. For further information about the SARS-CoV-2 lineage names, which follow the Pangolin nomenclature, see the FAQ.

Variant score per lineage

Lineage Score Frequency Substitutions
Lineage Score Frequency Substitutions